Empowering educators with the tools to positively impact lasting behavioural change in the classroom.


Why should my school sign up with Behaviour Solutions Lab?

Behaviour Solutions Lab has developed a platform (the Lab) and support service which can support your school by helping to strengthen the behaviour skills of your educators. In addition to a license that allows access the lab anytime from anywhere, your school has the opportunity to work with a qualified behaviour specialist (BCBA – Board Certified Behaviour Analyst). The specialist will support teachers with understanding and implementation of behaviour principles through group instruction.

What behaviours does the Lab address?

The Lab was designed to address (MTSS) Tier 1 (i.e. general classroom behaviours) level behaviours.

What ages are the videos and resources in the Lab intended to support?

The information in the Lab applies to ALL behaviour, although the Lab was created primarily to address behaviours seen in the Early Years through Grade 8.

I am not affiliated with a school but want to purchase a personal subscription. Can I?

Currently, individual licenses are not available, although we do intend to make this a possibility at a later stage in the continued development of the Lab.

My whole school does not want to purchase a subscription but a small group of teachers do. Do you provide a discount for a smaller number of subscriptions?

While we generally provide subscriptions for entire schools and not for a small group of teachers, we are happy to discuss possible solutions to support the needs of your school. Please contact our offices at hello@behavioursolutionslab.com.

Can we just purchase the subscription and not the consultation hours?

Yes. We recommend that schools invest in consultation hours, however it is not compulsory. The consultation hours are provided by a qualified behaviour specialist to (i) support educators in the application of behaviour principles addressed in the Lab, (ii) further explain, dissect and discuss specific behaviours, (iii) answer questions, (iv) present case study examples and (v) facilitate discussions regarding how to implement behaviour principles and strategies with students in the classroom.

Can we choose our consultant or is one assigned to us?

Typically, the consultant will be assigned to your school, however if you already have a working relationship with one of our consultants, please let us know and we would be happy to ensure that you work with that consultant.

Is the Lab aimed to be an ongoing rolling subscription or just a resource for one year? Are there any discounts if we sign up for subsequent years?

The Lab is a great resource year after year. As different behavioural challenges arise, there is always more to learn. Discounts can be negotiated if a school would like to purchase a multi-year subscription. For more information, please contact our offices at hello@behavioursolutionslab.com.

Do you offer in person consultation?

Yes, we will gladly provide in-person consultations. Please contact our offices for more detailed information regarding travel and accommodation costs at hello@behavioursolutionslab.com.

Do we need to join at a particular time during the year or can a subscription start anytime?

The ideal time to begin your subscription to the Lab is at the beginning of each school year. This will maximise your learning, experience and time with the behaviour specialist.