Empowering educators with the tools to positively impact lasting behavioural change in the classroom.


Behaviour Solutions Lab has developed a platform (the Lab) and behavioural support service intended to provide educators with immediate tools to positively impact lasting behavioural change in the classroom. The Lab is a collection of short videos (3-5 minutes), companion documents, resources and a podcast explaining the fundamentals of behaviour. Within the Lab you will find the tools and information you need to address a wide range of behavioural challenges. Included are strategies addressing common classroom behaviours, Autism and ADHD. In addition to the Lab, schools work with a qualified behaviour consultant to support educators with the application of behavioural principles through group instruction and workshops. Through knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of behaviour, inclusion becomes automatic. For more information or to inquire about how to gain access to the Lab, please contact us.

Podcast: All Things Behaviour

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The Lab

A peek inside the Lab:

Lab Content:

Video 1: Welcome to the Lab

Video 2: Keys to Behaviour

Video 3: Don’t Wait!

Video 4: From Chaos to Calm No. 1

Video 5: From Chaos to Calm No. 2

Video 6: From Chaos to Calm No.3

Video 1: Data Informed Decisions

Video 2: Observations

Video 3: ABC Data

Video 4: Data Counts

Video 5: WTF? (What’s the Function?) 

Video 6: Replacement Behaviours 

Video 7: Reinforcement

Video 8: Interventions

Video 9: Antecedent Interventions

Video 10: Consequence Interventions

Video 1: Autism: Introduction

Video 2: Explicit Instruction

Video 3: ASD Classroom Strategies (Secondary)

Video 1: ADHD: Introduction

Video 2: Ages, Stages & Strategies: KG-G1

Video 3: Ages, Stages & Strategies: G2-G6

Video 4: ADHD in Teen Girls

Video 1: Intro to Executive Function

Video 2: Core Areas of EF

Video 3: Impulse Control

Video 4: Cognitive Flexibility

Video 5: Working Memory

Video 6: Emotional Control

Video 7: Planning/Prioritising

Video 8: Task Initiation

Video 9: Organisation

Video 10: Self-Regulation

Articles General Behavior Topics

Articles Autism

Articles ADHD

Articles Executive Function

Companion Sheets


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About Us

Paula de Leon Diaz, MA Psy, BCBA

A child’s educational experience can have a dramatic impact on their future successes. My passion is to support children and adolescents in their struggles related to learning in the classroom and interpersonal relationships. I help my clients in understanding what small changes they can make to improve their academic experience and relationships both inside and outside of the classroom.

Understanding that everyone is unique in how they interpret and experience the world, I know that support needs to be tailored to the individual. In addition to working with neurotypical children and adolescents, I have years of experience working with people on the Autism spectrum and people with ADHD. I am committed to understanding the pieces of the puzzle unique to each individual so that I can provide effective tools and strategies to help my clients succeed.

My educational background is in Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis. I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Penn State University, a Master of Arts in Psychology from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Oregon.

Kristin Moffitt, MEd, BCBA

Trusting relationships and learning-centered environments promote an inclusive classroom setting. My approach and plan are individualized to meet the specific needs of neurodiverse children and adolescents, with over 19 years of experience in the public and international setting. Students are encouraged to be active participants in developing and assessing their learning goals in and out of the classroom.

My educational background is in Special Education, Educational Leadership, and Applied Behavior Analysis. I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and licensed Special Education teacher with a Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Webster University, a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from St. Mary’s University, and a Master of Education from the University of Minnesota.

Amanda Preussler, MEd, BCBA

Working in the NYC public schools were formative years for developing my career. While teaching, I began studying behavior analysis and found that understanding the science of behavior and learning to view behavior through a different lens helped me to be more successful in reaching the more challenging students in my classroom. Through this, I was able to create a more effective and inclusive learning environment for even my most challenging and complex students.

Since my classroom teaching days, my passion has transformed into teaching parents, professionals and other therapists the importance of understanding the fundamentals of behavior, implementing and applying that knowledge and, subsequently, seeing the success of students once their needs have been met. Through this process, I have been able to witness even the most complex students be included and experience success in their learning environments.

Natalie Rouse, MEd, BCBA

As all behaviour is a form of communication I believe in empowering teachers to deepen their understanding around the reasons why disruptive and challenging behaviours occur and put effective strategies in place to promote pro-social behaviours and create effective and responsive learning environments. I am passionate about working with teachers to create positive change in their classrooms by seamlessly integrating positive behaviour support systems that celebrate and support all learners. Through differentiated practices, teachers can establish authentic, inclusive classrooms.

An experienced Special Educator and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, I have had extensive experience internationally, working in schools across Australia, Switzerland and Vietnam. My education background is in Special Education, Educational Leadership and Applied Behaviour Analysis. I am a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Southern Queensland in Primary Education with a Major in Special Education and a Masters of Education in Applied Behaviour Analysis from Monash University, Melbourne.


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